Porto Maravilha Urban Operation

The porto maravilha urban operation aims to promote local restructuring, by extending, forming and re-qualifying the region´s public spaces, and promoting the improvement of the quality of life of their current and future residents, as well as the environmental and socio-economic sustainability of the area.

Urban Operation

The Porto Maravilha Urban Operation covers an area of 5 million square meters, within the limits of the avenues Presidente Vargas, Rodrigues Alves, Rio Branco and Francisco Bicalho.

Concessionaire`s area of intervention.
It is a strategic and innovative action on behalf of the Rio de Janeiro city council and enjoys full support from the State and Federal Governments. In addition to creating new conditions for working, housing, transport, culture and leisure for the resident population, it also promotes expressive economic development in the region.

Porto Maravilha will also carry out actions for the recovery of the regions historical heritage, as well as promoting the population`s social and economic development. In order to coordinate the implantation process of the Porto Maravilha, the Urban Development Company of the Port Region of Rio de Janeiro (CDURP) was formed, a mixed capital company , controlled by the City Hall. CDURP´s main functions are to implement and manage the concession of the region´s public works and services, in addition to administering the project´s assets and financial resources.

Urban mobility

One of the main benefits of the Porto Maravilha Urban Operation is the construction of the new transit system in the port area, which is made up by the Express and Binário roadways. The new project, which will replace the current Perimetral Rodrigues Alves viaduct system, will organize the flow of vehicles and increase traffic flow capacity by 27%.

On the Avenida Rodrigues Alves road, where the current pillars for the Perimetral Rodrigues Alves viaduct system are located, is where the Light Rail Vehicle (VLT) will be installed, integrated into the single ticket system, and which will interlink several transport systems, such as trains, subways, ferries and buses, BRT, and airports, thus creating the network for the circulation of mass transit systems, via its 42 stations. In addition to the VLT track foundation, the Porto Novo concessionaire is constructing 61 thousand square meters of public promenade, an extensive area that integrates the cultural facilities and new ventures at the Avenida Rodrigues Alves, between Praça Mauá and Armazem 8. It is also implementing the upgrading of all of the area´s sidewalks in order to stimulate the circulation of pedestrians and create 17 miles of bicycle paths.

All of these initiatives enable the Port area to set new standards for urban mobility, with outstanding quality and improvement of the living conditions for the people who live, reside or transit in the area.

  • · Light Rail Vehicle - VLT
  • · BRT - TransBrasil
  • · Expressway
  • · Port Binary Roadway
  • · Public Promenades
  • · Bicycle paths
  • · Cable Car
  • · Tunnels
  • · Porto Maravilha Perimeter

Urban requalification

Porto Novo concessionaire is implementing the works for the region´s new port infrastructure. By 2016, all streets in the area will feature new underground infrastructure networks, including street lighting systems, electricity, sanitation, gas, water, telecommunications and drainage. Street lighting networks, energy and telecommunications distribution networks will be located underground. The underground restructuring prepares the area to receive high-speed connection for the telecommunications system, compatible with those of the world´s most modern cities.

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