about the concessionaire

The dealership Porto Novo, within the Public-Private Partnership with the City of Rio de Janeiro, is a new company in the market, responsible for the execution of works and the provision of Urban Operation Marvelous Port services, in an area of ​​5 million square meters the Port Region, which encompasses the districts of Gamboa, Health and Holy Christ, and part of the City Centre.

One of its main challenges in the works is the deployment of the new road system in the region, consisting of two pathways that increase by 27% the capacity of traffic: Via Porto torque, which will replace the Rodrigues Alves Avenue and will have three lanes in each direction and multiple outputs for internal distribution of traffic; and Expressway, which will have two parallel tunnels with slopes toward Avenue Brazil and Santos Dumont Airport, is an alternative for drivers who only use the area as a thoroughfare.

Within the concept of urban mobility as well as construction of new sidewalks and better pedestrian and 17 km of bike paths, the New Port also has the responsibility to implement the beds for the Light Rail Transit (LRT), a modern and comfortable transport mass capable of carrying up to 9000 passengers per hour. This new system, integrated with single ticket, shall extend throughout the Region and the Port River Center, and connect trains, subway, bus, BRT, ferries and airports.

In addition, all streets in the area will be rebuilt by the dealership with new network infrastructure for water, gas and sewage, and new street furniture. The lighting will be replaced with LED fixtures, and overhead lines will be replaced by an underground network, building a new urban pattern and enabling the region has the best network of telecommunications services in Rio de Janeiro.

Delivery of urban services, the Concessionaire Porto Novo conducts activities such as street paving, maintenance of traffic signs and tracks, maintenance of public areas, cleaning culverts, overpasses restoration, maintenance of public lighting, collection of household waste and systems underground containers (the Rio + Collection), sweeping of streets and avenues, cleaning the slopes of communities, tree trimming, vegetation removal, pest control, among others.

Technology, logistics and innovation are present on the day of Porto Novo. The company has a modern Operations Control Center (OCC) with 230 cameras that help operate and monitor the entire road network of the region, gathering information so that traffic agents and teams of maintenance, cleaning and landscaping can manage and plan their actions.

Our Numbers

Organização no Tráfego


New roadways will organize the traffic and improve transit capacity.

Ruas Refeitas


New sidewalks, cycling paths and water, electricity, sewage and telecommunication infrastructure networks.

Aumento da àrea Verde


Increase of the green area from 2.46% to 77.2%.


The total investment by the public-private partnership will be R$ 8 billion, R$ 4.1 billion being directed towards restructuring works and the remainder to maintain and ensure the smooth functioning and provision of urban services in the area. Thus, the Port Area will become a strategic and privileged location. With all the works being performed without burdening the city
council´s resources, local residents will enjoy a new neighborhood, where it will be possible for all social classes, for example, to live close to their work location, have access to an extensive leisure area and access Rio´s Zona Sul and downtown area within a few minutes.



Revitalize, operate, and preserve the Port Region of the Rio de Janeiro Concession area in an integrated manner for its social, residential, touristic, commercial, cultural and leisure use, with efficiency, safety and reliability.


Transform the Urban Area of Special Interest (AEIU) into Rio de Janeiro´s most qualified place, in terms of infrastructure and services for work, investment, housing and entertainment, by December 2016.




The spirit to serve.